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Smart Cloths

Live Smudge Free.

NO Sprays Needed.

Stylish, effective, convenient.

Schatzii Smart Cloths are the world’s best touch screen and lens cleaners. The best part is NO sprays or liquids are needed to make your screens and eyewear sparkling clean and germ free! Did you know 1 in 6 cell phones is contaminated with bacteria? Yuch! The Schatzii Smart Cloths are antimicrobial and are naturally hydrophylic to absorb liquids and oils from your phone and lenses with just a few quick wipes, helping to eliminate smudges, residue and germs. They are dual-sided for both screen and lens cleaning, machine washable and durable for long life. This is the last screen and eyewear cleaner you’ll ever need!

Schatzii Gives You Clarity.

Schatzii Smart Cloths are expertly created with intelligent function and smart design to keep your screens clean without using any messy sprays or liquids. The Smart Cloths are Antimicrobial-resist mold & mildew, Anti-Static and Anti-Dust, and also Machine Washable and Durable for Long Life. The Schatzii Cloths are dual-sided with a plush microfiber on one side for buffing and a uniquely patterned smooth side on the other for polishing your favorite gear. Durable hemming around all the edges keep your Schatzii looking good for years to come.

Schatzii Smarth Cloth Collection

Keep it clean.

The Schatzii Smart Cloth is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield® - a state of the art technology that makes the cloths antimicrobial - resistant to mold and mildew, anti-static and anti-dust. The same fabric treatment is used in hospitals and operating rooms to keep their fabrics and linens sanitary. Wipe away unsightly fingerprints and smudges without messy sprays or wet wipes for ultra clean screens. No more spray bottles to carry - sprays are inconvenient and unhealthy for electronic devices.

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Schatzii Smarth Cloth Collection

Schatzii Smarth Cloth Collection

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Naturally Hydrophilic.

The Smart Cloths are naturally hydrophilic and quickly absorb oils and liquids from your screens and lenses with a quick wipe, eliminating much of the residue that normal spray cleaners leave behind. Schatzii makes cleaning your screens and lenses a snap.

Schatzii Smarth Cloth Collection

Not just for Screens

Schatzii - Smart Cloths Collection

Live Smudge Free.

Wipe away unsightly fingerprints and smudges without messy sprays or wet wipes for ultra clean screens. No more inconvenient spray bottles to carry. Moisture can damage electronic devices.

  • NO Sprays Needed
  • Antimicrobial-resists mold & mildew
  • Machine Washable & Durable for Long Life
  • Dual-sided for buffing & polishing
  • 100% Microfiber for scratch-free cleaning
  • Cleans both screens & lenses.
  • Convenient, portable, stylish.

Schatzii gives you clarity.


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