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Mind the Gap


Schatzii Smart Cloths are the ultimate touch screen and lens cleaner that works great on both phones and eyewear. NO Sprays or liquids are needed. The cloths are Antimicrobial-resist mold & mildew, machine washable and durable for long life. Made of 100% Microfiber for scratch-free cleaning, and treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield which makes the cloths resistant to mold and mildew, anti-static and anti-dust

Product Description

Live Smudge Free.

NO Sprays Needed.


Schatzii Smart Cloths give you ultra clean screens and lenses. Schaztii Smart Cloths are stylish, effective and convenient, and no sprays are required. The cloths are expertly created with intelligent function and smart design to keep your touch screens and lenses ultra clean without needing any messy sprays or liquids, and are very portable and convenient to carry in your pocket or purse.


  • NO Sprays Needed

  • Antimicrobial-resists mold & mildew, Anti-Static, Anti-Dust

  • Naturally Hydrophilic to easily Absorb Oils & Liquids

  • Machine Washable & Durable for Long Life

  • Dual-sided with a plush side for Buffing and a silky smooth side for Polishing

  • Durable hem around the edges

  • Made of 100% Microfiber for Scratch-Free Cleaning

  • Over 60 Designs to Choose from


Schatzii Smart Cloths are durable and machine washable for long life, and dual-sided with a plush microfiber on one side for buffing and a uniquely patterned silky smooth microfiber side on the other for polishing your favorite gear. Schatzii Smart Cloths come in over 60 unique designs to fit every taste and style.


AEGIS Microbe Shield®

The Schatzii Smart Cloth is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield®  which is a state of the art technology that makes the cloths antimicrobial - resistant to mold and mildew, anti-static and anti-dust. The same fabric treatment is used in hospitals and operating rooms to keep their fabrics and linens sanitary. Wipe away unsightly fingerprints and smudges without messy sprays or wet wipes for ultra clean screens. No more spray bottles to carry - sprays are inconvenient and bad for electronic devices.


Naturally Hydrophilic

Schatzii Smart Cloths absorb oils and liquids from your screens and lenses. Just wipe with the plush microfiber surface to clean smudges and fingerprints off of your screens and lenses with ease. Made of 100% microfiber, Schatzii Smart Cloths provides effective scratch–free cleaning, making it the ideal smartphone, tablet, laptop and eyewear companion. Schatzii also works great as a screen cleaner for your LCD TVs, plasma screens, game consoles, camera lenses and other favorite tech gear.


Live Smudge Free.

Schatzii Gives You Clarity.