Dwell Magazine Loves Schatzii Bullet2.0 Wireless Earbuds

 Architecture & Design Gurus at Dwell Magazine love the Bullet2.0 wireless headphones so much, they featured us twice!

You might have noticed that here at Schatzii, we are pretty proud of the work we do. We pride ourselves on being big on beautifully made products which not only look good, but also provide the best experience of wireless earbuds compared to anything else on the market.

Bullet2.0 Wireless Headset by Schatzii. True Wireless Freedom.

Having said that, there’s nothing as nice as hearing from the experts that you have achieved your vision. So you can imagine our delight when we saw that the folks over at Dwell Magazine felt just as excited as we do about our latest in audio sophistication, the Bullet2.0. When it comes to design, architecture and quality, Dwell Magazine really know what they’re talking about.

Dwell Magazine Features Schatzii Bullet2.0 Wireless Earbuds

So just what do the design aficionados at Dwell have to say about our latest true wireless audio experience?  As you would expect from these connoisseurs of excellence, they focused on three of this product’s key features:

1. The Tech

Understandably, it was important to our reviewers that the mechanics of this product enable stellar quality audio for any activity. Dwell applauded the fact that the technological advances in noise suppression and echo cancellation help create the Hi-Fidelity Stereo experience provided by the Bullet 2.0 earbuds, giving you crystal clear sound whether you’re tuning into a podcast on your phone, watching a film on your laptop or taking an important call via bluetooth. They also highlight that with its portable 2100 mAh charging case, the Bullet2.0 has enough juice to thrive in any environment. 

2. The Look

Just like us, Dwell believes that functionality should not be compromised by unwieldy design. As such, the architecture of The Bullet2.0 was applauded in this review, and we were really happy to see that.  The stealth streamlined shape is appealing to the eye, and Dwell appreciated that from the polished chrome finish of the earbuds with built-in mic to the sleek aluminum charging case, Schatzii’s wireless earbud’s form is as sophisticated as it is functional.  Schatzii’s mantra has always been Intelligent Function + Smart Design.

3. The Flexibility 

Dwell liked the fact that the Bullet 2.0 flexes to fit your lifestyle whether you’re working out or at the office, all while delivering a crystal clear audio experience.  And when you’re phone runs out of power, the Charging Case has a convenient micro USB-port to let you plug in and charge your phone on the go.  Most importantly these earbuds aren’t just for music lovers; they work just as brilliantly for those who want the best bluetooth headset period – ultra lightweight and comfortable, you will barely know you have them on. 

When Tech and Fashion Collide

So would it be fair to say this is these are the best Bluetooth earbuds out there?  Well, why not find out for yourself?  Read the write-ups and find out just what our friends over at Dwell Magazine had to say about the Bullet2.0 here and here.  

Experience the Bullet2.0 today.

Schatzii Bullet2.0 with portable Charging Case

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Best Bluetooth Headset for Traveling – Schatzii Bullet

The ADDRESS Magazine loves the Schatzii BULLET for Travel

  One of our favorite things about our BULLET earpiece is its versatility. We’ve long been aware that it’s the perfect accessory for all sorts of occasions and lifestyles, from listening to music while commuting to being ready to take that call while riding your bike. As the world becomes wire-free, Schatzii is keeping ahead of the game: the BULLET is small, tangle-free, without any wires whatsoever and produces outstanding sound quality.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that the leading lifestyle magazine for luxury property, travel and other unaffordable goods The Address Magazine recently included us in their feature “Curated: Travel & Holiday“. What better way to experience the BULLET than by taking it on your upcoming vacation, after all? Schatzii is nicely covered by The Address along with a few other holiday essentials, defining the BULLET as one of the go-to accessories for a weekend, week or more away. An instant fix for leisure periods as well as business days, we explore in more detail what was said in the “Curated” spread, uncovering just some of the BULLET’s fabulous features.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

As The Address Magazine mentions, the Schatzii BULLET weighs in at just 3.5 grams, making it uniquely light – in fact, its tiny size and light weight make it all the more ideal for keeping it neatly slotted in your ear. Some would be wary of getting a call whilst vacationing, but the effortless nature of the earpiece, along with the crystal clarity of its sound, make the BULLET no hassle to have on board. What excites us most is that it’s cord-free, meaning no issues with removal and reinsertion, or wires getting in frustrating knots when you’re trying to talk.

Furthermore, the BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 earpiece allows you to focus purely on its sound and nothing else. Properties include CVC active noise reduction that prevents echoes and suppresses external noise from interfering with your BULLET experience. Better yet, you can also make important calls as well as receive them – so whether you’re on the go or taking a break, you can have that conversation swiftly, easily and hands-free.

Schatzii Bullet Superior Design – Great for Travel

We’ve not even mentioned the design yet, which the editors at The Address Magazine was just as enthused about. We’d call the BULLET, in one word, sexy: it’s tiny, powerful, modern and sleek, impressing techies and technophobes alike. One of its most appealing features is derived from its charging method, in the form of a rocket ship like capsule. Easily plug the BULLET into its charging bank, which can provide 4x full charge for the earpiece. You can also use the USB charging cable, which will allow you to charge your BULLET in any USB port, giving users even more flexibility. And did we mention that the BULLET can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device?  This ensures that you can link the earpiece to all of your gear, including tablets and, of course, smartphones.

The Schatzii BULLET is an essential travel and holiday accessory, certainly The Address got it spot on. However, such a sexy, portable piece of modern audio tech needn’t be reserved for those trips away. We reckon it’s the perfect item for life 24/7.

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The World’s Best Bowler wears the Best Wireless Earbuds – Bullet2.0

  At Schatzii, we love it when a celebrity endorses one of our products. So we were bowled over (excuse the pun!) when the world’s number one pro bowler Jason Belmonte took some time out to practice while wearing our Bullet2.0 wireless earbuds late last year.

Belmonte, who hails from New South Wales in Australia, is widely regarded as one of the finest tenpin bowlers of his generation, winning 14 PBA titles and taking home the PBA Player of the Year award three times, in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Naturally, the world #1 bowler wanted to use the best wireless earbuds he could find – the Bullet2.0.

We’re sure that being bestowed with these numerous accolades would have been music to the Aussie’s ears. But what did he say when he tried the Bullet2.0 on for size at a recent practice session in Reno?

“They create great sound for your music and are extremely light…4.7g to be exact. They’re really really comfortable in your ear and, if you’re like me, especially when you’re practicing and want some music to make the session go a little faster and have a little bit more fun, without snagging wires, this takes care of that!”  Now that’s an endorsement for the best wireless earbuds on the planet if we ever heard one.

Benefits to Belmonte’s bowling

Belmonte is one of the best exponents of the two handed “shovel” style of bowling, an increasingly popular method of delivery which requires the free use of both arms. While headphones with wires could potentially compromise Belmonte’s style, the Schatzii Bullet2.0 sits unobtrusively in the ears, allowing the Aussie to focus on his game. The earbuds are also equipped with CVC active noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to reduce unwanted background noise, meaning that when Belmonte steps up the line, it’s just him, the ball and the 10 pins located 60 feet away.

Belmonte demonstrated this to devastating effect on camera, effortlessly recording two strikes in a row! His final verdict of the Bullet2.0?

“If you want some music in your ears while you’re practicing, you want something that’s light, won’t fall out of your ear and won’t get in the way of your swing. The Bullet2.0 is a really good tool for all of this.”  Nuff said.

But what was Belmonte listening to when he was working his alley magic, you might ask? Elevator music?  His favorite audio book?

“I was just listening to The Weeknd,” he replied, “the sound is really really good. Time to get back to practice!”  Go forth and bowl young man.

Belmonte finished fourth in the 2016 PBA World Championship, but wireless earbuds aren’t allowed in competition proper, otherwise he’d probably have walked away with the $60,000 prize pool!

Buy the Schatzii Bullet2.0 today

If you buy a pair of Bullet2.0s, we can’t promise that you’ll suddenly develop Jason’s superhuman bowling skills, but you’ll certainly share in the bowler’s experience of crisp, clean sound. Get a pair of the world’s smallest and lightest earbuds today and say goodbye to wires forever.  Live tangle free.

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Schatzii Bullet inside the Robb Vices 2016 Holiday Gift Box

The Schatzii Bullet inclusion in the Robb Vices Holiday Gift Box for 2016! At Schatzii, we have always been of the opinion that our products are pretty cool. By combining high-class form and high-quality function, we look to fill a need that too often goes unnoticed in tech and accessories. We’re always searching for the next great style, the next source of inspiration. That’s why, when Robb Vices approached us about their Holiday Gift Box, we couldn’t wait to get on board.  And who are Robb Vices? They are the team from the Robb Report, the magazine for the affluent that has been showcasing absurdly expensive automobiles, real estate, planes, watches and anything else you would expect in the bible of luxury lifestyle living – and they have been doing it for a long time. How the heck did we make it in there?  Oh yeh, our product is pretty damn slick.

Schatzii Bullet in the Box

Subscription-based boxes are all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t they be? What’s better than getting a box full of cool stuff in the mail? It’s like having your birthday every month. But what really drew us to the Robb Vices Holiday Gift Box was their sense of style and substance.


These boxes aren’t stuffed with cheap trinkets and snacks. Each one is hand-curated by Robb Vices for the discerning individual. Each box tells its own story, as unique and significant as your own. They offer “vices,” but what you’re getting is a sample of the good life from people who appreciate the finer things that make each day just that much more interesting.

Clearly, we’re in good hands. So, what did we contribute to this year’s Holiday Gift Box?

Well, when it comes to stocking stuffers, there was really only one choice: our iconic BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule. If you’re not familiar, allow us to introduce you. The BULLET, like everything at Schatzii, seamlessly blends style with indispensable function. Not only are they the world’s smallest earbuds, weighing only a stunning three and a half grams – they incorporate state of the art audio design for the best possible listening experience.

The audio is sharp and clear with Bluetooth V4.1, CVC Active Noise Suppression, and Echo Cancellation technology. The built-in microphone means you can use them to take calls as well as listen to music. And because our earbuds are completely wireless, they’re as convenient as they are exceptional. No messy wires to untangle every time you pull them out of your pocket. With continuous use, the battery has a life of up to three hours for talking and listening to music. On standby, that extends to a full 80 hours. And when it does run out? Just plug them back into the sleek and lightweight BULLET Charging Capsule for an average charging time of just one hour.


You have to admit, they’re pretty impressive. Robb Vices thought so too.

We don’t just love elegant design and cutting-edge functionality. We also know the importance of value. Not only does the Robb Vices Holiday Box include our BULLET Earbuds this season, but a plethora of other fine items as well. Past boxes have included fine wines, sea salt chocolate, handmade hats, and even caviar. If any of that sounds like your idea of a good time, then the Robb Vices Holiday Gift Box is right up your alley. Get it as a gift to yourself, or for a friend, or – heck – get two.  Happy Holidays!

 BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule
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