Schatzii on Redefining Audio – The company that is building products James Bond would wear

 Here is an editorial written and posted today about Schatzii on, the website that curates luxury goods for the jet-setting celebrity crowd, with high profile investors that include billionaire Carlos Slim, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and actor Will Smith. It’s so good we decided just to re-post it here. Enjoy!

From April 25, 2017

As the arms race for the mobile industry’s top dog continues, accessories companies are going right along for the ride; always innovating and creating new products the world never knew they needed until they saw them. And while most consumers trust their mobile providers for their day-to-day needs, there is a booming market for 3rd-party vendors eager to change the game.

There are only a few instances where a company’s innovative ideas are executed in full success, creating something that isn’t just genre-bending, but genre-changing. Enter Schatzii, the San Francisco based company that has been making waves with their “True Wireless” products. Coined as products “James Bond would wear,” Schatzii blends functionality with finesse; accessories that work for everyone from the busy entrepreneur as well as the fitness guru.

Schatzii’s flagship product, the Bullet true wireless earbuds, doubles down in both the convenience and efficiency departments for its users. The earbud is only 2cm long by 1.5cm wide, so the entire device can sit perfectly in your ear, providing a sense of comfort that few other wireless providers can match. It also features an innovative charging system via its charging capsule, which also can serve as a re-chargeable power source that can charge the unit up to three times. With its running talk time at about 90 minutes and a battery life of 80 hours on standby mode, the Bullet provides a viable option for those looking to enter the wireless headphone game and look good doing it in the process. 

If one isn’t enough, the Bullet 2.0 provides two earbuds for the music lover in you. The Bullet2.0 is equipped with a 2100 mAh portable Charging Case that can provide an astounding 12X charge for the earbuds, allowing you extended listening pleasure.  The earbuds also have an increased talk + music time of up to 3 hours, and features CVC active noise reduction and echo suppression for crystal clear sound.  There’s also a waterproof model of the Bullet – the BulletX, just in case if you want to use it during your mid–day workouts, because everyone needs to stay connected during their calisthenics circuit. And then there’s the BulletDrive, the perfect solution for hands-free driving. Now if Bluetooth headsets aren’t necessarily your forte, have no fear. Schatzii also provides a series of other accessories that are bound to change your life for the better. 

TRAK Smart Key and Phone Finder from Schatzii

Schatzii TRAK Smart Key and Phone Finder

Always find yourself searching for your keys or your phone at the very last minute in a panic? Schatzii has the TRAK Anti-Loss device that connects to your phone and or your keys via Bluetooth. This allows you to track your devices anywhere within your Bluetooth range. It also doubles as a Selfie Remote whenever you want to take pictures without holding your phone. The Air Ionic Air Purifier acts as both a two-USB port device charging station and an air purifier for your car, removing all smoke, odors, toxins and pollen from inside your vehicle the moment you plug it in. 

Additionally, there’s the Easy Key wireless waterproof computer keyboard, which can connect with your mobile phone or tablet through Bluetooth without any fear of water damage. A personal favorite is the Firefly lighting system that attaches lights to your heels when running or biking in the dark for the runner and outdoors lover in your life. Schatzii also prides itself on their innovatively designed device carriers, such as the Urban Pro device bag, as well as their widely popular phone charging cases, the Tank series. Big or small, simple or complex, when it comes to accessories, Schatzii has everything you may need, readily available. The only question that remains is, are you ready to get your James Bond on? 

S1 360 Microsuction Swivel Mount from Schatzii

S1 360 Swivel Mount from Schatzii – uses Microsuction Nanotechnology.

T-Bone 3-in-1 Car Charger + Power Bank + LED Torch Flashlight by Schatzii

T-Bone 3-in-1 Car Charger + Power Bank + LED Torch Flashlight by Schatzii

Schatzii AIR Ionic Car Air Purifier + USB Charger

Schatzii AIR Ionic Car Air Purifier + USB Charger


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