Best Bluetooth Headset for Traveling – Schatzii Bullet

The ADDRESS Magazine loves the Schatzii BULLET for Travel

  One of our favorite things about our BULLET earpiece is its versatility. We’ve long been aware that it’s the perfect accessory for all sorts of occasions and lifestyles, from listening to music while commuting to being ready to take that call while riding your bike. As the world becomes wire-free, Schatzii is keeping ahead of the game: the BULLET is small, tangle-free, without any wires whatsoever and produces outstanding sound quality.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that the leading lifestyle magazine for luxury property, travel and other unaffordable goods The Address Magazine recently included us in their feature “Curated: Travel & Holiday“. What better way to experience the BULLET than by taking it on your upcoming vacation, after all? Schatzii is nicely covered by The Address along with a few other holiday essentials, defining the BULLET as one of the go-to accessories for a weekend, week or more away. An instant fix for leisure periods as well as business days, we explore in more detail what was said in the “Curated” spread, uncovering just some of the BULLET’s fabulous features.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

As The Address Magazine mentions, the Schatzii BULLET weighs in at just 3.5 grams, making it uniquely light – in fact, its tiny size and light weight make it all the more ideal for keeping it neatly slotted in your ear. Some would be wary of getting a call whilst vacationing, but the effortless nature of the earpiece, along with the crystal clarity of its sound, make the BULLET no hassle to have on board. What excites us most is that it’s cord-free, meaning no issues with removal and reinsertion, or wires getting in frustrating knots when you’re trying to talk.

Furthermore, the BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 earpiece allows you to focus purely on its sound and nothing else. Properties include CVC active noise reduction that prevents echoes and suppresses external noise from interfering with your BULLET experience. Better yet, you can also make important calls as well as receive them – so whether you’re on the go or taking a break, you can have that conversation swiftly, easily and hands-free.

Schatzii Bullet Superior Design – Great for Travel

We’ve not even mentioned the design yet, which the editors at The Address Magazine was just as enthused about. We’d call the BULLET, in one word, sexy: it’s tiny, powerful, modern and sleek, impressing techies and technophobes alike. One of its most appealing features is derived from its charging method, in the form of a rocket ship like capsule. Easily plug the BULLET into its charging bank, which can provide 4x full charge for the earpiece. You can also use the USB charging cable, which will allow you to charge your BULLET in any USB port, giving users even more flexibility. And did we mention that the BULLET can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device?  This ensures that you can link the earpiece to all of your gear, including tablets and, of course, smartphones.

The Schatzii BULLET is an essential travel and holiday accessory, certainly The Address got it spot on. However, such a sexy, portable piece of modern audio tech needn’t be reserved for those trips away. We reckon it’s the perfect item for life 24/7.

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