Schatzii Bullet inside the Robb Vices 2016 Holiday Gift Box

The Schatzii Bullet inclusion in the Robb Vices Holiday Gift Box for 2016! At Schatzii, we have always been of the opinion that our products are pretty cool. By combining high-class form and high-quality function, we look to fill a need that too often goes unnoticed in tech and accessories. We’re always searching for the next great style, the next source of inspiration. That’s why, when Robb Vices approached us about their Holiday Gift Box, we couldn’t wait to get on board.  And who are Robb Vices? They are the team from the Robb Report, the magazine for the affluent that has been showcasing absurdly expensive automobiles, real estate, planes, watches and anything else you would expect in the bible of luxury lifestyle living – and they have been doing it for a long time. How the heck did we make it in there?  Oh yeh, our product is pretty damn slick.

Schatzii Bullet in the Box

Subscription-based boxes are all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t they be? What’s better than getting a box full of cool stuff in the mail? It’s like having your birthday every month. But what really drew us to the Robb Vices Holiday Gift Box was their sense of style and substance.


These boxes aren’t stuffed with cheap trinkets and snacks. Each one is hand-curated by Robb Vices for the discerning individual. Each box tells its own story, as unique and significant as your own. They offer “vices,” but what you’re getting is a sample of the good life from people who appreciate the finer things that make each day just that much more interesting.

Clearly, we’re in good hands. So, what did we contribute to this year’s Holiday Gift Box?

Well, when it comes to stocking stuffers, there was really only one choice: our iconic BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule. If you’re not familiar, allow us to introduce you. The BULLET, like everything at Schatzii, seamlessly blends style with indispensable function. Not only are they the world’s smallest earbuds, weighing only a stunning three and a half grams – they incorporate state of the art audio design for the best possible listening experience.

The audio is sharp and clear with Bluetooth V4.1, CVC Active Noise Suppression, and Echo Cancellation technology. The built-in microphone means you can use them to take calls as well as listen to music. And because our earbuds are completely wireless, they’re as convenient as they are exceptional. No messy wires to untangle every time you pull them out of your pocket. With continuous use, the battery has a life of up to three hours for talking and listening to music. On standby, that extends to a full 80 hours. And when it does run out? Just plug them back into the sleek and lightweight BULLET Charging Capsule for an average charging time of just one hour.


You have to admit, they’re pretty impressive. Robb Vices thought so too.

We don’t just love elegant design and cutting-edge functionality. We also know the importance of value. Not only does the Robb Vices Holiday Box include our BULLET Earbuds this season, but a plethora of other fine items as well. Past boxes have included fine wines, sea salt chocolate, handmade hats, and even caviar. If any of that sounds like your idea of a good time, then the Robb Vices Holiday Gift Box is right up your alley. Get it as a gift to yourself, or for a friend, or – heck – get two.  Happy Holidays!

 BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule
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