Dwell Magazine Loves Schatzii Bullet2.0 Wireless Earbuds

 Architecture & Design Gurus at Dwell Magazine love the Bullet2.0 wireless headphones so much, they featured us twice!

You might have noticed that here at Schatzii, we are pretty proud of the work we do. We pride ourselves on being big on beautifully made products which not only look good, but also provide the best experience of wireless earbuds compared to anything else on the market.

Bullet2.0 Wireless Headset by Schatzii. True Wireless Freedom.

Having said that, there’s nothing as nice as hearing from the experts that you have achieved your vision. So you can imagine our delight when we saw that the folks over at Dwell Magazine felt just as excited as we do about our latest in audio sophistication, the Bullet2.0. When it comes to design, architecture and quality, Dwell Magazine really know what they’re talking about.

Dwell Magazine Features Schatzii Bullet2.0 Wireless Earbuds

So just what do the design aficionados at Dwell have to say about our latest true wireless audio experience?  As you would expect from these connoisseurs of excellence, they focused on three of this product’s key features:

1. The Tech

Understandably, it was important to our reviewers that the mechanics of this product enable stellar quality audio for any activity. Dwell applauded the fact that the technological advances in noise suppression and echo cancellation help create the Hi-Fidelity Stereo experience provided by the Bullet 2.0 earbuds, giving you crystal clear sound whether you’re tuning into a podcast on your phone, watching a film on your laptop or taking an important call via bluetooth. They also highlight that with its portable 2100 mAh charging case, the Bullet2.0 has enough juice to thrive in any environment. 

2. The Look

Just like us, Dwell believes that functionality should not be compromised by unwieldy design. As such, the architecture of The Bullet2.0 was applauded in this review, and we were really happy to see that.  The stealth streamlined shape is appealing to the eye, and Dwell appreciated that from the polished chrome finish of the earbuds with built-in mic to the sleek aluminum charging case, Schatzii’s wireless earbud’s form is as sophisticated as it is functional.  Schatzii’s mantra has always been Intelligent Function + Smart Design.

3. The Flexibility 

Dwell liked the fact that the Bullet 2.0 flexes to fit your lifestyle whether you’re working out or at the office, all while delivering a crystal clear audio experience.  And when you’re phone runs out of power, the Charging Case has a convenient micro USB-port to let you plug in and charge your phone on the go.  Most importantly these earbuds aren’t just for music lovers; they work just as brilliantly for those who want the best bluetooth headset period – ultra lightweight and comfortable, you will barely know you have them on. 

When Tech and Fashion Collide

So would it be fair to say this is these are the best Bluetooth earbuds out there?  Well, why not find out for yourself?  Read the write-ups and find out just what our friends over at Dwell Magazine had to say about the Bullet2.0 here and here.  

Experience the Bullet2.0 today.

Schatzii Bullet2.0 with portable Charging Case

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