The World’s Best Bowler wears the Best Wireless Earbuds – Bullet2.0

  At Schatzii, we love it when a celebrity endorses one of our products. So we were bowled over (excuse the pun!) when the world’s number one pro bowler Jason Belmonte took some time out to practice while wearing our Bullet2.0 wireless earbuds late last year.

Belmonte, who hails from New South Wales in Australia, is widely regarded as one of the finest tenpin bowlers of his generation, winning 14 PBA titles and taking home the PBA Player of the Year award three times, in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Naturally, the world #1 bowler wanted to use the best wireless earbuds he could find – the Bullet2.0.

We’re sure that being bestowed with these numerous accolades would have been music to the Aussie’s ears. But what did he say when he tried the Bullet2.0 on for size at a recent practice session in Reno?

“They create great sound for your music and are extremely light…4.7g to be exact. They’re really really comfortable in your ear and, if you’re like me, especially when you’re practicing and want some music to make the session go a little faster and have a little bit more fun, without snagging wires, this takes care of that!”  Now that’s an endorsement for the best wireless earbuds on the planet if we ever heard one.

Benefits to Belmonte’s bowling

Belmonte is one of the best exponents of the two handed “shovel” style of bowling, an increasingly popular method of delivery which requires the free use of both arms. While headphones with wires could potentially compromise Belmonte’s style, the Schatzii Bullet2.0 sits unobtrusively in the ears, allowing the Aussie to focus on his game. The earbuds are also equipped with CVC active noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to reduce unwanted background noise, meaning that when Belmonte steps up the line, it’s just him, the ball and the 10 pins located 60 feet away.

Belmonte demonstrated this to devastating effect on camera, effortlessly recording two strikes in a row! His final verdict of the Bullet2.0?

“If you want some music in your ears while you’re practicing, you want something that’s light, won’t fall out of your ear and won’t get in the way of your swing. The Bullet2.0 is a really good tool for all of this.”  Nuff said.

But what was Belmonte listening to when he was working his alley magic, you might ask? Elevator music?  His favorite audio book?

“I was just listening to The Weeknd,” he replied, “the sound is really really good. Time to get back to practice!”  Go forth and bowl young man.

Belmonte finished fourth in the 2016 PBA World Championship, but wireless earbuds aren’t allowed in competition proper, otherwise he’d probably have walked away with the $60,000 prize pool!

Buy the Schatzii Bullet2.0 today

If you buy a pair of Bullet2.0s, we can’t promise that you’ll suddenly develop Jason’s superhuman bowling skills, but you’ll certainly share in the bowler’s experience of crisp, clean sound. Get a pair of the world’s smallest and lightest earbuds today and say goodbye to wires forever.  Live tangle free.

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